Iceberg is the most commonly used lettuce in the UK. It is compact and crispy with a fairly sweet flavour.
Cos / Romaine
Cos / Romaine is a long leaved lettuce with dark green outer leaves with a sweet crunch, it is low in fibre and is high in minerals; calcium, phosphorous, magnesium & potassium. It's naturally low in sodium and is packed with vitamin C, vitamin K, and folate.
Little Gem
Little Gem is outstanding for its true sweet flavour, it is a semi-cos type, with glossy green leaves and a crisp balanced heart. This lettuce will produce small compact heads of bright green and has an outstanding texture.
A good source of anti-oxidants because lettuce contain beta carotene, vitamin C as well as vitamin K.
Lollo Rosso / Lollo Verdi
A non-hearting, loose leaf lettuce with crinkly and creased leaves, with a tender crisp texture. The depth of colour varies with each variety. It contains the antioxidant quercetin, which is believed to reduce the risk of heart disease.
Red Oak Leaf lettuce
A loose-leaf lettuce, Red Oak has very attractive serrated, deep-red leaves, with its flavour and curvy leaf, it’s a great addition to any refreshing salad.
Young spinach leaves are tender and sweet and are delicious raw or cooked. Eating raw spinach in a salad minimises the loss of nutrients. Spinach is rich in vitamins A, C and K, magnesium, iron and manganese.
Wild Rocket
This thin spiky leaf has a strong peppery flavour and contains compounds called Glucosinolates which are believed to have a possible protective role against certain types of cancers.
Red Chard
Red Chard is a crunchy leaf , the leaves can range in colour from dark green to reddish green. The flavour is similar to spinach with slight bitterness and a strong earthy flavour. It contains high amounts of vitamins K, A, C, and E, magnesium, iron, and potassium.
Land Cress
Very similar to the famous water cress but produced on land with a very attractive and rounded leaf that is packed full of flavour. It is a healthy plant to eat, full of vitamin A and C. It also contains vitamins B and E along with iron and calcium.
Baby Red Kale
Baby Red Kale has a delicious nutty flavour with a hint of sweetness and good texture which makes it perfect for eating raw.
There are all sizes of tomatoes to available, from the tiniest cherry types through to full-flavoured giant beefsteak tomatoes. We specialise in the ‘premium’ varieties of tomato, and they’re usually sold on the vine.
Sweet peppers – also known as bell peppers – are so versatile in cooking. They can be used raw in salads and cooked in stir-fries and casseroles.
Alongside the traditional, familiar bell peppers, a large proportion of the peppers grown are now classed as ‘speciality’ peppers. These are the long, pointed versions and the little mini peppers. A real rainbow of colours!
Chilli pepper
Chilli peppers have excellent colour, texture and flavour, including many shapes and colours. Plants are extremely varied; some have a mild flavour, while others are so fiery that they’ll blow your head off!

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